VBK TO WAV FAQ's  Frequently Asked Questions - Sales
Q. Can I use your software to convert a single .VBK file I received in an e-mail?
A. No. VBK TO WAV does not convert one-off files.  It is a utility that runs around the clock to pull voicemail messages from your Nortel system, convert them to a .WAV format, then e-mail them to you.
Q. Will my Nortel system work with VBK TO WAV out of the box?
A. Possibly. VBK TO WAV VBK requires you to have at least one "Unified Messaging License" installed and available on your Nortel system. See the support Knowledgebase for detailed instructions on how to check your Nortel system to ensure you have a free license.  If you do not have a free licence, you can acquire one for around $80 from the link in the Knowledgebase.
Q. Do you support multiple currencies at checkout?
A. Yes. We support 30 payment currencies. At checkout, you may choose the currency you wish for your credit card to be billed in.
Q. Are there any additional charges for future upgrades or support?
A. No.  Your annual license includes all current and future upgrades during the license term, as well as e-mail support, at no extra charge.  You must renew the license anually for the software to continue to work after your license expirey date.

Q. Can I buy more seats at a later date if I add more voicemail boxes to my Nortel system.

A. Yes.  If you already own licenses, and are looking to add additional seats, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request pricing.  Please note how many licenses you already own, and how many you wish to purchase.


Q. How long does it take to install VBK TO WAV?
A. Installation takes under an hour, with no disruption to your phone system.


Q. Is there a difference between the 30-day trial version and the licensed version?
A. No.  The trial version has full functionality.  It's only limitation is that it stops operating after 30 days.  You can simply purchase a license and put it back online.  No reinstallation is necessary.


Q. What Nortel equipment does VBK TO WAV work with?
A. The VBK TO WAV software works with the Nortel Norstar CallPilot 100 and CallPilot 150, as well as the BCM 50, BCM 200 and BCM 400.


Q. What is your refund policy?

A. As we offer a 30-day free trial, we ask that you install and test the software to verify it meets your needs before you buy.  As with any software, once the box is opened, (or in the case of online downloads, once the license is issued), it cannot be returned for refund.  You will notice all retail stores have the same policy.  Should you wish to cancel your auto-renewal, simply send us an e-mail at sal...@vbktowav.com, and we will cancel your auto-renewal immediately, and send you a confirmation e-mail.

Q. Do you offer support?
A. Yes.  The majority of issues can be resolved by consulting our Knowledgebase located here.  For problems not listed in the Knowledgebase, we offer e-mail support for the term of your license.  Simply choose the "contact us" link from the Knowledgebase and enter the details of your issue.  If none of the recommended solutions resolve your issue, submit your ticket, and we will respond by e-mail with the solution.
Q.Where are the F.A.Q.'s for Technical Issues?
A. We have a comprehensive, searchable Knowledgebase filled with solutions to common questions. Click here to view the Knowledgebase.